2013 will definitely not be the year of mobile, but it might be the year of mobility.

After all the behavioural statistics are compelling with 15% of Australians total media attention spent on their mobile screen.  Yet the medium only commands 0.4% of all advertising investment.12  Why?  What is broken?

Consumption and usage certainly isn’t heading backwards.  In fact in the next 5 years mobile data demand will grow 13 times to 11.2 Exabyte’s per month!13  Yes, you may be wondering what an Exabyte is.  To try and put that in perspective in 1999 the University of Berkley concluded that every single piece of information ever created in any form by humanity equated to about 12 Exabyte’s.  So soon roughly 2000 years worth of data will be consumed every month just through the mobile screen!14

Consumers will also increasingly use their smart phone in a lean free way, accessing information on the go and using it to make decisions on the fly (95% of smartphone owners use their device to find local information with 88% taking action on the same day15).  Brands and agencies alike need to get to grips with this third (location) contextual dimension or risk seeing their upper funnel activity become less effective as customers make more decisions in the moment.

Mobility has also been recognized by one of the established cornerstones of the web.  Google’s recent refresh of AdWords and the roll out of Enhanced Campaigns blends deep contextual insight with the power of search intent to create a hyper relevant screen experience with mobility front and center, and if anyone can make mobility work, its Google.


As a result we will begin to see the conversations we are having evolve;

Brands will begin to embrace the idea of mobility over mobile.  This means moving beyond a device or operating system toward creating a truly location neutral experience that adapts based on the context it is being consumed in.

There will be a significant lift in hyper local marketing, albeit off a low base, as brands (especially retailers) offer solutions to some of the markets bigger problems.  We will see brands successfully and consistently bridge the physical/digital divide, retailers will conquer show rooming, agencies will unlock the power and pathway of mobile analytics delivering increased accountability & insight and we’ll see brands find additional value streams for their customers which can be delivered on the fly.